A Note from Cydni

"Art hurts. Art urges voyages - and it is easier to stay at home."
Gwendolyn Brooks
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All is not what it seems when three narratives converge in this dark erotic series. When tragedy draws Thomas Beckett home after a long absence, he enlists dogged detective Alysandra Grace to pursue a widow they suspect of murder. But old scores and new troubles threaten everything, as events unfold and perilous connections are uncovered between them and the woman they’re pursuing.

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In Book two the story continues, introducing new characters and haunting revelations. A tangled web of obsession, murder, and addictive passion unravels when a Chicago detective questions an emotionally fragile woman, a fringe photographer, and an affluent socialite about their unorthodox connection to a prominent business man and his powerful associates.

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The story concludes with two rivals caught in a game of seduction to which the rules have no bounds. When the pair draw in a naive young woman with a troubled past, things get more than complicated. A path of chaos ensues and by the end more than hearts will be broken. Cydni Burns brings the final installment of the Parallax series to a jarring conclusion. One you don't want to miss!

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